04 February 2012

A good week

This has been a good week.  I managed to wog (walk/jog) 8 miles this week....still catching up from when I was sick a couple of weeks ago.  I tried new recipes, crafted, read my Bible, started a new Bible study (Beth Moore's James study) with friends, and I accompanied another friend to Richmond for a dental appointment at Medical College of VA.

It was a wonderful trip.  Girl time talking in the car for several hours there and back was awesome.  And the LORD gave us some great surprises along the way.  The most memorable are the ones at Short Pump Town Center.  It is a huge mall!  My friend had never been there, so she just kept saying, "I can't believe how big this place is."  But we were headed there just for dinner before our trip home.  The restaurant: Maggiano's Little Italy.  I had read online that they didn't have a gluten free menu, but the chef would come out to your table and speak with you about what he could make gluten free for you.  Since my friend and I both have gluten problems, this seemed like a great thing to try.  We also had her 8 yr old little girl (the one with the actual dental appt) with us.  So the trip to the mall started with us getting a great parking spot (first space in the row) in this huge, packed parking lot.  Then we went in, talked to the chef and got a great meal.  But the surprise came in when we both got another helping of our meal choice to go.  And I had gotten a $10 off coupon online before we went.  So...we got a kid's meal and 4 adult meals (2 we ate there and 2 to go) for just under $23!!!  Can you imagine?  And it was so yummy!!!  My friend's daughter had prayed before we left that we would get surprises from the LORD.  And, boy, did HE surprise us!!!

I have seen the goodness of the LORD this week!!!  How about you?  Remember to watch for what HE is doing in your life!


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