In the Word

New Year---New Goal

I have read all the way through the Bible once before, but I got lost in the middle of the year and really got off track.  Then I felt guilty about getting lost and stopping, so I avoided starting to read again.  Finally, I decided that I just needed to keep going, even if it took longer than a year to get all the way through.  In the end, it took me two years to read all the way through the Bible.  But 2012 is a new year and a new start for me....again.  I am keeping on track with my reading so far, but I'll keep you posted in the middle of summer with how it is going!!!

Blessings to you!

I told you that I would keep you updated at about the middle of the summer.  We are now at the end up summer actually and I am still reading steadily.  I did get a couple of weeks behind.  Crazy times during soccer season...  I am trying to get caught up though because I don't want to end the year with having to read 3 weeks worth of reading in just a few days!!!  So right now, as I have time, I am doing 2 to 3 days worth of reading in a day until I am caught back up.  Besides my daily reading, I have also done 2 Beth Moore studies with friends.  First, we did the James study (Mercy Triumphs) then we did the Daniel study (Integrity and Prophecy).  I loved both of those.  Soon we will start on a study based on the book The Calvary Road.  I pray that you are spending quality time in the Word, too!!!

Have a blessed day!

Getting so close to finishing the whole Bible in one year!  I'll be back to let you know if I did it....

I DID IT!!!  I have finished reading all the way through the Bible in a year.  I am so glad that I attempted this and succeeded (this time!).  I think this is a good thing to do every few years, however this coming year I plan to look at some chapters in the Bible in a more in depth way!