29 August 2012

Summer's end

It is difficult for to believe, but summer has come and now summer is almost gone.  I enjoy summer a great deal.  It is really a break from the every life.  I am a home school mom, so think school teacher, summer breaks.  In general, a teacher's job is not like a year round, day-in, day-out job.  I still get to enjoy summer breaks, like I did during childhood.  It seems that the summers now are much busier than they were when I was young.  I distinctly remember those days when I would spread a blanket or beach towel out in the backyard and I would lie there for hours watching the clouds.  I would search for little surprises in those clouds...was that a bunny rabbit that just hopped by?  Then it would somehow morph into a cute little (are not so little?) hippopotamus!  As the clouds continued to move and change, I never knew what I would see next.  And this would entertain me for hours....  Or at least it felt like hours to me.  Now, as a mom, it seems that I only get a chance to see clouds as I am driving from one activity to the next.  And I can't just stare at them and consider what they look like---then I am back to reality because I am driving after all.  I can't just stare off at the sky!

So, with sadness, I realize that another summer has passed and we are moving into fall soon.  I do feel a bit of excitement about that though.  Fall after all is my favorite season.  I always thought that October would be the perfect month to get married.  And imagine an outdoor wedding in October in the South!  The colors would be glorious.  Bridesmaids' dresses in an array of fall leaf hues...  I can picture it now.

The bottom line, I would say, is to just relax and enjoy whatever season you are in.  So I will take each opportunity to see the cloud formations as I drive or the watch those beautiful, multicolored leaves as the fly past my windshield.  Because I know that soon enough those leaves will be gone and I'll be watching as snow flurries hit my windshield.

Enjoy your season!!!

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