25 January 2012

Get the clutter out!!!

I told you my list of goals for 2012, but I have some other things that are not really goals, just good things to do.  One of those things involves all those bottle of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. that have just a little bit left in the bottle.  Usually this happens for me because I really like the item, but it is no longer available.  I don't want to use the last little bit because then I will never have it again.  Or maybe I got a new bottle of something and had to try it immediately, leaving behind a little bit of the old product.  But all of these bottles just pile up and then when I try to find something, I end up with a mess on the floor because I had to drag out a piece of bottle of this and smidgen of a bottle of that just to get to what I wanted.  No fun!!  Clean cabinets and drawers are so much nicer!

There, of course, were other items like hair products that I tried that did not work for my hair type.  All of those I donated to my hairdresser who sees all different kinds of hair and can use those products.  Sometimes I get a lotion that I don't really like the smell or texture or something about it.  For those items, I ask family and friends if they like it---if so, they can have it.  And what about the samples that you receive in the mail from time to time.  Use them!  Or give them to a homeless shelter or a similar organization.  They appreciate and use anything that they get.

Hopefully, I have given you some new ideas!!  If you have other good ideas to share, please feel free to comment.  I would love to have even more ways to get clutter out of my house!

Have a blessed day!!!


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