17 March 2012

Update on goals

First, I can say that I am not getting around to blogging every week, however I am doing it more than my blog seems to show.  This is because I am having to "edit" sections to add info.  So just today, I edited both the "In the Kitchen"and "In the Library" sections so far.  So I'm okay with my progress on that one.

My walking/running has fallen behind because I injured my leg about 3 1/2 weeks ago and had to take a break.  That is really an understatement since I could barely walk for a couple days.  It was my calf muscle/tendon area.  I was playing tennis and felt a "pop" while running.  It was either a strain, sprain or small tear in the muscle/tendon.  It is definitely feeling so much better now.  I have played tennis 3 times since the injury (after a 2 week complete break).

That brings me to another goal.  I have started playing USTA doubles tennis.  I'm actually doing mixed doubles which I had not originally planned on doing.  But I am enjoying it.  It is great experience in playing with tougher players.  The first match I played, my partner and I won.  The second match saw a different partner and I losing in 2 tie break sets.  Ugh!  My male opponent was the toughest server I have ever faced.   I am hoping to get another shot at playing against him again this season because I REALLY want to win!!

I have read a couple of books already...I have others I'm reading now, so that goal is going well.  But I have only seen one movie in the theater so far this year.  Falling a little behind on that goal.  I'm going to have to head to the theater soon!!!

Recipes are going well, as is Bible reading.

Biking, zip lining, kayaking---those are waiting for spring, warmer weather and for me to purchase a bike, borrow a kayak and find a zip line!

That's my update.  Almost 1/4 of the way through this New Year.  I finally feel like I am accomplishing some things.  By just making a list this year, it has made me stop and consider what I want to do.  It has made me focus on planning for the future.  When I look back at life, I want to see that I could set goals and get those things done.  It has been a struggle in my life since I graduated from pharmacy school.  Up until that point, I had always had goals.  Once I reached that ultimate large life goal of becoming a pharmacist, I felt a let down.  I thought, "What do I do now?"  I've floated along for a lot of years and I feel like I've lost myself along the way.  Now, I am on a journey of discovering who I am again.  And I am taking those things along with me that are the most important...my journey with my Lord, Jesus Christ, my family, my physical well being and health (especially my tennis), my journaling (in the form of blogging), and some other fun stuff (movies and books).  I'm glad you are here on my journey with me.

Have a blessed day!!!

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